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  How to Spot A Professional - page 2

The cleaning company representative knocks at your door. First impressions are everything! Is the vehicle they arrived in clean and well maintained from an outside view? Are they clean and well maintained from an outside view? Is the individual neatly dressed with a uniform and identifying name tag, or neat shirt and pants?

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning representative is well prepared with written information in the form of brochures, fliers, a price list, customer references, and a written guarantee. They are knowledgeable about each service that their company provides, and are willing to answer any questions that you might have about those services.

BEWARE of overly assertive sales tactics. The classic “Bait & Switch” used by a few unscrupulous companies in our industry, and sales people who’s goal is to sell you more service than you need. Professionals don’t use these tactics to sell you service. Instead they rely on presentation, experience and past customer references. The pro’s estimate in almost all cases will be a firm and final price for service.

How to Spot A Professional

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