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How to Spot a Professional

When you place a call to the company, are you answered by a live person, or a machine? A live person at the end of the phone is always preferred over an answering machine or voice mail. But don't let this deter you. many carpet and upholstery cleaning companies are owned and operated by one individual, or a husband and wife. Often these individuals are well qualified with many years of experience. Because they provide the service themselves, they cannot be by the phone throughout the day to receive calls.

When you make phone contact do not insist on a price quote. Most professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services will not give a price over the phone without an on site inspection first. The materials used in todays carpet and upholstery fabrics are becoming increasingly complex. Because of this, a professional must inspect first hand what they will be cleaning to assure an accurate price.

You made the call, and scheduled the appointment for an estimate. A pro will always be prompt to his or her appointments. If for some reason they are running late, you should expect a courtesy call prior to the arranged appointment.

How to Spot A Professional


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